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How Beauty Companies Developed an Oxygen Skin Cream

There has been recent developments which allow an oxygen skin cream to nourish the skin in the new way. Oxygen enable you to treat burns and hasten post-operative healing. It was actually only an issue of time before it transitioned into skin treatment to help with making skin look more youthful and healthier.

Oxygen, a naturally occurring element in the human body, is integral to various biological functions like metabolism and healing. Oxygen can also be needed to promote tissue repair and collagen production. These latter processes give rise to making one appear more youthful.


The discovery with the role of oxygen in anti-aging, collagen and elastin production led to the proliferation of oxygen-based products on the market. Itamar Serpa Fernandes product companies have different methods of incorporating oxygen in to a cream.

One strategy would be to utilize peroxide when the oxygen delivery method. Although peroxide can deliver oxygen, it can possibly cause skin damage mainly because it may dry and bleach skin. Also, it is not advised for people who have sensitive skin.

A brand new and innovative strategy for delivering oxygen for the skin is through the patented oxycyte technology. This particular technologies have quite high oxygen solubility, which makes it a great oxygen carrier. Through the help of this technology, oxygen can be delivered upon application, giving instant nourishment.

Choosing oxygen skin cream that uses advanced strategies to introduce pure oxygen can help make the skin appear younger and even more radiant. Reviewing the methods utilized by a beauty company to build oxygen-based products can assist somebody make smarter decisions when deciding on the best style of skin cream.
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