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All you need to know about Bartenders

When organizing an event, having a bar at the venue has become quite a popular concept these days. From serving the guests with proper detailing in their drink keeps them content.People are not sure if they really need a bartender for the reception. However, it is they who make the bar even more happening and interesting for the guests to enjoy themselves. These professionals serve and suggest drinks according to taste and alcohol preferences of the guest concerned.

It is the job of Wedding Bartenders to make, pourand serve in the parties. All the alcohol and glassware at a wedding are provided by the organizer or the host. Most bartenders show up around 2 hours before the party or reception is going to begin to chill the alcohol and cocktails until the guests arrive.

Bartender’s job:

The trend of alcohol is on the rising thus giving more jobs to the bartenders who are professionally trained for about a few months.It is the responsibility of the bartender assigned for the evening to wash the glasses, store them and to dispose of the trash at the end of the gathering or reception.

The bartending staff includes bartenders, barbacks and the service staff. The side work is done by bar backs such as filling up the ice jugs or extra liquor. Around 2 bartenders are required to serve 100-150 guests. And they charge accordingly. Some Wedding Bartenders charge per drink while others per hour. And a decent pay scale is maintained for them.

Median Salary:

They tend to earn more from tips given by guests than the salary itself; Salary being 2500- 4000 [INR] per hour.

Dressing up for the evening:

The attire varies from different organizers. Most common being black, which include a white or black shirt, black formal pants and comfortable non-slip shoes (black). A bartender needs to be standing most of his time at work. Also, the wedding planners make sure the whole outfit looks decent and not tacky. You are there to serve and not to attract any sort of attention.

Different types of parties, venues demand different uniforms. So make sure you keep a few ready in there. When one is working in the hospitality sector he/she needs to look representable at all times. Tattoos are not always meant to be shown; wear the shirt till wrist and bob the button up from the neck.


A company of full service bartending gives many options in selecting a bar package for the wedding reception. According to the budget of the bride and groom, they suggest adequate liquor suitable for the evening. You can be pretty flexible with the liquor. To get the bill down one can have very few hours of the bar running with alcohol and otherwise with mocktails depending upon the requirements.

To keep the bills in the budget keep the bar a little away from the entrance. Also, some guests tend to drink way too much while others keep it to a few sips only. Therefore for a 4-hour long party, approximately 4 drinks per person would be appropriate maintaining a balance between them.
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