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Miami Mold: Addition of Advanced Radon Testing and Radon Mitigation Services Business Division

Premier South Florida mold removal company, Miami Specialist, Diversifies Business, Adds Radon Testing and Radon mitigation services to extensive line up of indoor environmental service offerings.

Unbeknownst to most people, radon gas exposure is attributed as one of the top leading causes of lung cancer in the United States, second next to smoking. Unfortunately, black mold testing Broward toxic radioactive radon gases are seemingly not as important to raise awareness about, unlike smoking.

South Florida, especially in the greater Miami area, is a hot bed for toxic radon gas emissions. The Florida Department of Health's website clearly displays most of the south east coast of Florida as having extremely high levels of radon gas seepage. Armed with this information, the owners of Miami Mold Specialist once again, set out to expand their business offering by adding high tech radon testing, detection, Miami air vent cleaning, and radon mitigation services.

Marty Katz, the director of Miami Mold Specialist stated, "A radon inspection, detection, and testing service typically involves conducting research of public information systems for localized radon gas reports, a visual inspection of the inside and outside of the property, the collection of air samples, measuring of radon gas and it's progeny in and around the property, the recording of air flow measurements, alpha/beta/gamma counters, so on and so forth. This information and multiple data points collected allow our radon mitigation experts to accurately disseminate if there are high levels of radon and its progeny gases. This method drastically reduces the chance of false reporting, commercial odor removal Miami Beach which is usually the case when people use DIY radon test kits." Katz continued, "A radon gas mitigation service, depending on the size and scope of project, typically involves mass ventilation, use of a wide range of air scrubbing technologies, decontamination systems, sealing of any problematic holes and cracks, ensuring proper sealing around sump pumps and piping, installation of vapor barriers if and when applicable, integration of advanced radon ventilation systems."

Over the past 30+ years of working within the indoor environmental services industry, mold testing Miami the owners of Miami Mold Specialist previously offered in other states, the following services- radon gas inspection and radon mitigation services, lead inspection and lead removal services, asbestos inspection and asbestos removal, hazardous waste removal, indoor air quality services, along with their main service offering- high tech mold inspections and eco-friendly mold removal services.

Considering Miami Mold Specialists previous and current experiences and service offerings, it appears that the integration of a new advanced radon testing and radon mitigation service division back into their business model will be a swift and successful venture for their South Florida based environmental services company.

For more information on Miami Mold Specialist's Advanced Radon Gas inspection, radon testing, and radon mitigation services, visit:
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