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Tech Talent Mix-Up Launches Job Posting, Matchmaking Site Specializing in
Females and Minorities

Latest employer-candidate matchmaking platform focuses on
AUGUST 10, 2019 - They at Tech Talent Mix-Up is happy to announce the
official launch of the dynamic employer-candidate matchmaking platform, which
places a focus on diversity at work.


“Diversity is not the goal,” said Tech Talent Mix-Up founder Simone Yard, “but
an effective way to an even more inclusive, more just, and more effective workplace.”
Yard is a standout female in tech advocacy and it has used her forward thinking,
innovative recruiting and talent acquisition strategies with startups including Allazo
Health insurance and Omega One. She’s also caused market leading companies including
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Fidessa, and Bank of America. Yard is enthusiastic about
building relationships, collaborating, and promoting diversity and inclusion, and he or she
uses that passion, along with her experience, to complement the best applicants
with the proper full-stack.
Keeping that in mind, Tech Talent Mix-Up has forged a seamless platform where
experienced tech professionals and new college graduates are matched with forward
thinking companies that will also be devoted to creating an inclusive and various
Tech Talent Mix-Up invites companies supporting diversity and inclusion to participate their
platform being an “Employer of Choice”. Requirements include: creating a woman in a
leadership role; having a person of color in a non-admin role; being committed to
developing a diverse, inclusive workplace; offering transparency; and being committed
to equal buy females and underrepresented minorities.
Currently, Tech Talent Mix-Up can also be raising funds for your further increase of their
website, which is in beta testing now. Job seekers and employers in the tech industry
are invited to contact Tech Talent Mix-Up to get going today. More info can
be located at
About Tech Talent Mix-Up
Tech Talent Mix-Up is really a new employer-candidate matchmaking and job advertising
platform having an emphasis on ladies and underrepresented minorities.

Tech Talent Mix-Up
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