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Balance your life with the emotion of Gratitude

Imagine how unorganized or unpleasant the world would appear to be if people all around the globe start thinking about themselves or start being selfish. Theatmosphere would become toxic so much so that human communication would eventually break down and we would be nothing more than animals.

Life is a combination of happy and sad moments and experiences. Both the situation and experiences alter with oneanother while entering one's life. All the struggle needs support from one another in the form of appreciation, thankfulness or kindness. All these terms can be summarised as a sense of gratitude towards anyone.

What does gratitude mean?

Gratitude is a word describing your positive behavior towards anyone. The term gratitude teaches one to create an ambiance of positivity around everyone in order to establish a smooth relationship with everyone.

In simple words, gratitude can be defined in many ways. For some, it can be defined as an emotion, for some as a personality trait, for some as a method of the positive booster.

Benefits of practicing gratitude

Gratitude is the combination of powerful emotions and these powerful emotions create a sense of happiness in one's life. The practice of gratitude boosts several benefits in one’s life

•Health- The feeling of positivity will boost up your health and keep yourself fit from inside.
•Emotions- The emotions are highly fluctuating and frequent. The emotion of gratitude adds calmness to one's nature and will help in controlling other emotions properly.
•Stress and Depression- The practice of gratitude activates the relaxed response of one's body thereby helping them in reducing stress and preventing them from being depressed.
•Social-Personality- World is all about socialization. Being filled with gratitude will help one in establishing an appreciating and kind personality in society.
•Enhanced Skills- More calm one feels more enhanced his or her skills will appear. The sense of calm added by the practice of gratitude helps one with this.

How to inculcate it in people?

Childhood is the best time for learning and the best time of personality development. The sense of gratitude is an essential factor to inculcate in everyone at this stage of life as it makes them and their surrounding happier.
The lesson of gratitude and its characteristics can be taught to students by conducting Gratitude Activities or by taking steps to include Gratitude Assembly Ideas.

•Celebrating Thanksgiving Day and teaching students about the importance of thanking someone can be done.
•Conducting appreciation activities by organizing competitions and appreciating the winners with prizes.
•Including poems and prayers that teachthe students about the importance of gratitude towards everyone.
•Organising theatre show or videos based on the aspects of gratitude like kindness, thankfulness, happiness and many more.
•Organizing donation camps and helping in realizing students about the happiness of showing gratitude towards anyone.

Gratitude is an important behavior and should be taught and practiced by everyone. The importance of gratitude can be checked as it has a day to celebrate on commonly called as ‘World Gratitude Day', celebrated every year on 21st of September.

Therefore feel gratifying towards everyone and let them feel gratifying towards you.
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