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The Most Useful 3 tlumaczenia symultaniczne Poznan Interpreters and translators in Worldwide

An expert tlumaczenia symultaniczne Poznan and interpreter in Poznan will accompany you at occasions of almost any sophistication - displays, treatment, seminar, convention, real estate selection and purchase, trip, translation of business discussions or translation at an practice. Our translators and interpreters from Poznan will translate professionally in Russian, Polish, English, Chinese, Italian, French and Spanish. Alexander may be the Company interpreter for company discussions, visits for banks, banks, factories and plants. Experience over a decade . Over and over repeatedly interpreted on dictates of varying complexity, including all types of company vocabulary, medical, technical and economical. Financial and technical instruction. Experiences in enrollment and registration of companies to get foreign citizens, translation to get those keeping to open a banking accounts or share business with spouses. He's practical experience in sales and marketing, has SAP certificate.

The tlumaczenia symultaniczne Poznan Vyacheslav could be the overall interpreter at the fields of air travel, vehicle, technology and production , tourism and diversion. Seven years of working experience one among the largest international organization, work knowledge, and analysis while in the UK. Provides translation services for all individuals and organizations. The most important specialization of translations is industrial, commercial, technical and aviation issues, insurance plan and the organization/activity of organizations. He's got diplomas in internships within the business of aviation insurance, small business and airline direction, in addition to many years of working experience at a sizable country association. Performs oral translations at business meetings, conferences, and exhibitions, in addition to at the petition of an individual on domestic troubles. His clients are commercial organizations, travel agencies, educational and medical associations, country workplaces. Companies, people.

The tlumaczenia symultaniczne Poznan Tatyana may be the Interpreter for celebrations - weddings, registry office, birthdays and company functions, holiday dishes. Accompanying the marriages and other parties. Experience as a wedding planner at Studio Victorias, where she supplied a sequential interpretation of civil ceremonies, carried out business correspondence, revised the interpretation of official records, pioneered and encouraged with the civic marriage approach, unique event planning, coordinated in the registry office, organization of celebrations, translation to get merry dinners, and interpretation of wedding toasts, marriage interpreter, interpreter for your anniversary event, translation to get corporate parties, and translation for birthdays. Wedding Planner Studio Victorias: successive translation of civil ceremonies (Portuguese-Russian, Portuguese-English); business correspondence (Portuguese, Russian, English).
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