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Move your dreams from clouds to concrete grounds with Sarayan

edited June 8
The first impression is the last impression. A house or an office lays out the colours for the canvas of the guests to paint their opinions about the house or corporate owners. The small details, the colours of the walls, the paintings on the walls reflects the personality of the residents. There is nothing much with the outer appearance, but when it comes to the interiors, nothing can be compromised with.

Interior designing is the concept responsible for how your house looks once it is fully furnished. It is the method of designing the interiors of a room or a place. A person who spends 10-12 hours of a day at a place would want it to be beautiful and comfy. Interior designing depends on the purpose of the space-whether it is a living room or a meeting room, the people using the place. If the room is to be used by a 5-year-old boy, it should be designed accordingly, and if it is to be used by an employee at a workplace, it should be organised differently.

Gone are the days when people used to think that interior designing is a concept made only for people with gazillions of dollars. People have started relying on and realizing the importance of interior designing. Today is the transformation where people are spending less time in their houses and more in their offices. So they would naturally want their workplace to be pleasant and decorated.So they are hiring the Best Architects Designers in Mumbai and over the world.

Vastu and interior designing are interrelated. Vastu can be considered as another reason which has made interior designing popular as it is now especially while constructing places for commercial purposes as it isa matter of profit and loss. According to Vastu the following points should be kept in mind while at designing the interiors:-

The plot should be preferable of a rectangular or square shape.
The slope of the floor should be towards East, North, or Northeast.
The staircase should be in the Southern or Western part of the office.
Fountains or aquariums should be built in the Northeast or Eastern zone.
Walls should not be of dark coloured and paintings having a positive message should be hung on walls.
The doors and windows of the office should be in the East or North direction.

Amongst the many Best Architects in Mumbai, you should definitely consider Sarayan as an option because it is eccentric in its customer service policy, dedication, and hard work towards reaching the desired goal. The company looks forward to a single motto, "Ideate-Innovate-Integrate.” Coming up with new ideas and new designs with every project that suits all and serves the purpose has justified its position among the top rankers.
Sarayan has extended its services to firms like Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda, Allahabad Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, PNB Banking, Jawed Habib, etc. It has experience in every field such as films, healthcare, ceramics, airline, housing, government, education, etc.
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