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UPDATE: Where To find The New Dig Web page In 'Fortnite' And What We're Acquiring Down There

Update: There was a vent down there, and appears like we're mostly performed. I was hoping for much more!you could verify out

Update: The skeleton is now completely uncovered, and there is a teddy bear inside of it. Also, you will get an angle in close to these rocks exactly where it appears like things may go pretty far down.

Update: A rock broke, and there is a truck down there. Beneath the truck is definitely an unbreakable bottom, but it may go deeper elsewhere in the hole.

Factors are finding true in Season 8, ultimately. It's been a fairly tame handful of weeks for buy Fortnite Items here, but a brand new improvement within the southeastern corner with the map could point to the first actual movement we're seeing with whatever is going on with this Pirates/Ninjas/Dragons/Fire Warriors/A bunch of other folk conflict. It's an excavation site that just popped up near the desert biome, and it really is far more active than you might guess. You may truly hop in to the pit and begin digging with your pickaxe, gradually performing harm at each of the rocks down in there. You will notice that every single rock comes having a colossal HP bar that goes down as you hit it. What you happen to be seeing is every player in Fortnite undertaking harm to that rock at the similar time, as well as your strikes are just a small part of it.

What's down in the bottom? We'll just need to see. Here's exactly where it is:
Astute readers will keep in mind that we saw anything very similar last season with an Iceberg that took real-time harm back in Season 7. That had all the markings of a technical test: it was stuck on an island separate in the principal landmass exactly where couple of players would casually discover it unless they have been particularly looking. And when all was mentioned and accomplished there was nothing exciting beneath it, just a different one of those Lost-style mystery hatches.

There's purpose to think that the iceberg was a technical test for what we're seeing today (additionally to other items later on). Placing the excavation internet site around the primary island means that players are going to find this factor on their very own, along with the pit itself is additional elaborate. We're now performing harm to individual rocks instead of the entire mass at as soon as, so it's going to be simpler to envision progress as we start generating our strategy to the bottom in the pit. Also worth noting that it does not appear you are able to do damage with weapons this time about: this can be pickaxe only.

You will discover already some bones sticking up out of some of these rocks, so we'll at the least see that. But you will discover most likely additional interesting treasures down there too. I nevertheless sustain that this complete "every player does harm to a single target" notion is a dry run for any full-scale world boss, and who knows? There might be some good monster hiding down there in the bottom.
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