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Every Business Needs a Mobile App Development?

While running your small business & hearing something totally new about mobility on everyday, you start thinking is my opportunity takes a Mobile App? Really? I've my own presence online through the website, social networking profiles, etc. How come I worry about mobility? My opportunity doesn’t need a mobile app for more growth, I am okay from it? Sound similar?

The straight fact is partially right its not all business require mobile app like perform require websites. But stats remain compelling us to consider the mobile solution for Restaurants.


True Facts about Mobile usage are
1. By August 2017, you will find over 3.5 billion unique mobile internet surfers. Source: Statista
2. Users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones. Source: comScore
3. Cellular devices will drive 80% of world internet usage. Source: Zenith
4. 50% of times individuals spend on digital media is on mobile apps. Source: Comscore
5. Roughly 8 million apps in the Google Play store, 2.Two million within the Apple App Store, 669K in the Windows Store, and 600K inside the Amazon Appstore. Source: Statista
6. The total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 is 197 billion (a forecast). Source: Statista
7. The total number of iOS app downloads in 2016 was 25 billion. Source: App Annie
8. The whole variety of Android app downloads in 2016 was 90 billion. Source: App Annie
9. Inspite of the sea of choice for mobile phone applications readily available for both android and ios, in real life, people tend to just use several on a regular basis. The typical number of apps people usage is 9 apps daily, and 30 apps monthly. Source: TechCrunch
10. Mobile websites acquire more visitors than native apps. But those people spend way less time on mobile websites compared to they do on apps. Source: comScore
11. Mobile is the dominant platform for searches, as 48% from the buyers use smartphones to start out searching with a search results. Source: Google Research
12. 69% of shoppers worldwide between the ages of 18 and 39 use cellular devices to analyze products before they buy. Source: AUM Core
13. Google drives 96% of mobile search traffic, then Yahoo at 2% and Bing at 1%. Google Search can be just about the most popular mobile apps in america. Source: NetMarketShare
14. A “List of products” is the most important mobile website feature of local companies, with “Opening hours” and “Price list” following closely after. Source: Statista
15. 78% of mobile searches for local business information cause a purchase. That’s higher than from the other type of device. Source: comScore
Reading above stats the way to go converts from Partially directly to wrong, I am sure relating to this. Yes, Mobile may be the future along with a separate segment in places you must contained in your customer smartphone to develop & brand your business. These numbers are increasing daily, people feel security in browsing the net through their cell phones.

Now, The question is ” Is watch necessitates the mobile apps?”

Mobile apps don't work being a website to showcase the knowledge concerning your business & app user start calling you when they are interested. Mobile apps are developed purposefully for many features or automation or customer engagement or productivity or communication.

Do you know the types of business that have significant benefits from the mobile phone applications nowadays?

Food Service Business - TakeAway, Restaurants, Food Outlets, etc.
MarketPlace Platforms - Where Service / Product provider companies list their services/products to sell to End Users. Like Amazon, eBay, TigerDirect, etc.
Appointment Management - Businesses / Professional providers who need to schedule the appointments to meet their clients Like Doctors, Lawyers, Architect, Professional Expert, etc.
Fleet Management - Tracking Resources on roads, Track timing to enhance efficiency.
Real-estate businesses - List the details of the property to offer or rent with nearby commodities.
Hotel Industry - List their rooms for travelers to find & book on the run.
E-commerce Industry - Purchase or sell Goods and services via mobile
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