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Why Foreign Missions?

Foreign missions typically involve a lot of time, money, and stress. Why bother? I believe the reply is very simple.
First of all of all, some reasons for short term missions that are not adequate:

People are planning to hell.
Christianity may be the only true thought process.
God can't get people to heaven without my help.

The truth is, all the human sympathy and compassion a person can muster up for eternally damned souls doesn't work. Once the basis for missions is feeling bad for other people, its depending on ourselves. Its humanistic. If we work from that basis, it isn't hard to feel angry at God for allowing people to head to hell.


The true basis for missions is straightforward. Jesus told us to do it. It is obedience, pure and simple. Obviously compassion for that lost plus a desire to see God glorified strengthen our serve. However, if email address details are not forth coming, the surer foundation is easy obedience. As I'll explain in Part II, that is awesome.

Put like this, the decision to missions sounds mundane or negative. Yet personally, the opposite is true. Its freeing.

Let's imagine you're going onto the field and zilch happens. You have no new converts no fast progress inside the language. The showers are cold and also the nationals mostly just irritate you. Actually, you've got no idea what you'll place in your newsletter that month to maintain your supporters supportive. Are you a bad missionary?

Or maybe you are receiving phenomenal success. Its obvious to everyone that you are a missionary guru. Really the only problem you have is how you can keep the pride in balance.

In both cases, if the call to missions can be a call to become compassionate or successful, your value like a missionary fluctuates with all the success of the mission. When the call to missions can be a call to simple obedience, however, the stress is off. Should you succeed, God has got the glory. Should you fail outwardly, you have no regrets.

My assurance of God's smile originates from knowing that through his power, I'm doing what he says. The remainder is in his hands. Now that's awesome!

One more reason this theology of missions strikes me as Biblical, is that it leads to a God centered way of missions.

Simple obedience provides the concept of as being a follower. We realize from your shepherd and sheep analogy that Jesus used, that this is on the right track.

Being a follower has some important ramifications. Take into consideration any large and successful organization, whether it is mega churches, corporations, or countries. Who gets the glory? Who's the center of attention? Is it the 1000s of lay members, employees, or citizens? Generally, the leader may be the one because of the credit. And this is what we wish within our mission work. We want our Leader to get the credit. Therefore it is essential that God is our leader.

It appears ludicrous that individuals might see ourselves since the real leader and God your follower. I am aware we wouldn't state that, but consider this scenario. You choose to reach out to poor people individuals your city. So that you gather along with your downline and plan a strategy. You enhance the necessary funds and seek information on poverty alleviation. On the morning of one's first real outreach you own a hurried prayer time before getting lets start on the true work. Who was the true leader here?

Granted, there are occasions where we've ideas so we bring these tips to our Leader to see whether he approves. My point is not that we have to not be creative or lack initiative. Followers needs to have both. My point is that missions must stay solidly anchored towards the truth that God is the one that is accomplishing his work. If we feel that missions is mostly in what we are doing, it's once again time to check in for another reality briefing.

I'm convicted as I write this. The objective of this website is always to expand the Kingdom of God by connecting and encouraging people who hear the decision to missions. Easil
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