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Company Profile: Genext Students Private Limited

edited December 2018
Genext Students is a private company specialised in offering private tuitions to students of schools and universities. It is India’s First Hybrid tutoring platform that combines tutoring and technology. Students who are looking for improvement in the academic record seek for our tutoring services. We not only provide the teachers at your doorstep but also monitor the entire activity taking place during your term with us.

The company focuses on providing the best quality of home tutorial to the students. It believes in maintaining and strengthening the healthy relationship among institute, students/parents, and teachers. It also believes in developing professional yet friendly relationships to share knowledge and display transparency in its working pattern. Overall Service quality, qualified tutors, and dedicated students together lead pupil in his/her hunt for success.

Genext Students provides:

Personalised attention for developing the academic capability of the pupil; online study materials to help the students learn efficiently; gives and takes regular feedback and meetings between parent/student and institutes to ensure the tutoring quality; branded and verified Genext Tutors; 100% replacement guarantee if any problem occurs with the tutor. Genext Students offers flexible tutoring packages, special team to take care of customer's needs and organised teacher recruitment division.

Genext Students services of home tuition help students to show progress in academic records and improve learning methods. The company offers the tutorial services and enables learning for CBSE, ICSE, International and State boards. The Company also provides a centralised system of home tuitions across different locations of major cities in India.

Genext Students believes in:

●Making students aware of their unused potential.
●Students must know where their interest and passion lies.

Thus, the company offers education at homes, where the students would learn more, which is not possible in general classroom setups. It takes pride in providing the guidance and support to the students and at the same time takes responsibility for their academic goals. Hence, it allows parental involvement, creates a friendly learning environment, and encourages better tutor-student interaction to inspire the students.

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