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E-Learning: The Future Of Schooling

In today’s world, people aspire to learn a lot more than they are taught in their schools or colleges. However, circumstances and time, place a significant constraint on them.

The thirst for knowledge led to the advent of online teaching portals and developed e-learning. Here are a few things e-learning is good for:

1.Students can learn at their selected pace:

Most classes and tests are self-paced. A student need not necessarily write a test on the given day or have to attend the class. They can schedule their online class around their daily life. They can progress as fast as they want and finish their classes earlier than scheduled, or slow down for a while and catch up to the class in a few days, and not miss a thing.

2.They can carry their class with them wherever they go:

Gone are the days where students feared missing an important class or exam because of some family emergency, and they have to go to another place. Now that smartphones and tablets are all prevalent, they can carry their class with them everywhere. Even if the place has no internet signal, they can watch pre-downloaded sessions anytime and anywhere.

3.Instant doubt clearing:

A significant advantage of e-learning is that we can ask how many ever question we want over a mail to the faculty and have them all cleared; this is a boon as many students hesitate to ask their doubts in a regular academic setting as they fear being mocked. In case of a virtual setting, this is not the case, and they can interact freely with their faculty without any peer pressure.

4.Can re-watch a class how many ever times:

A few students grasp the class content the first time itself; a few students need repeated reinforcements to help them grasp concepts; this is not possible in a traditional classroom setting as everyone is working on a fixed schedule to complete the syllabus before the final exams. Also, one can always go back to a class and brush up the portions.

5.Watching lessons from the comfort of their homes:

Can increase their grasping powers. A comfortable setting is needed for students to concentrate and listen to a subject, and what better place to do it than in the comfort of their homes? It can increase their concentration on a topic.

6.They can take up classes outside their curriculum:

A significant advantage to an online system of studying is that one can take up classes that not only align with the syllabus but also the ones that the students are interested in; this gives them the opportunity to follow up on subjects they like and on subjects that they may not be taught at school. Aside from the academic interests, there are also plenty of classes available online that can teach students arts, crafts, photography, etc.
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