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NHL 19 Franchise Mode: Very best Young Defensemen

It may be risky trusting a youngster around the blueline, but these up-and-coming stars will not let you down.

It takes a really special defenseman to become in a position to muscle their way onto a team's top-four so early in their career. But, these young defensemen currently boast overall ratings worthy in the putting them there, or are not far off and boast enormous potential. Get cheap hut coins now! To create the reduce on this list, each and every defenseman had to be below 21-years-old and have a potential of three-and-a-half-stars or above.

Zach Werenski (86 OVR, Elite med POT)

Zach Werenski was initial famed for his unbelievable skating, but now he has created into a very skilled all-around defenseman who protects the net inside the defensive end and attacks the net in the other. Currently a strong top-four defenseman, he'll grow into a team's number one before extended.

Charlie McAvoy (85, Elite med POT)

Charlie McAvoy excels in every single region that you just need to have your defensemen to become powerful in also as boasting bundles of offensive capacity. He's a significant a part of the youth revolution in Boston which gave the team an enormous enhance final season.

Mikhail Sergachev (84, Elite med POT)

The Montreal Canadiens genuinely lost out once they traded Mikhail Sergachev to the Tampa Bay Lightning last summer time. The towering Russian was offered a possibility on the group tipped to win the Stanley Cup and proved to be an almighty defenseman. Sergachev's size and strength is a big asset, as is his skating; his thunderous shot also adds to his appeal.

Noah Hanifin (84 OVR, Elite med POT)

Noah Hanifin has all of the makings of a top-level defenseman who will stifle opposing forwards and have a say in the offensive zone. His natural defensive abilities are currently really powerful, his physicality is around the up, and soon he'll hone his shooting to develop into a terrific all-around defenseman and fulfill his lofty NHL 19 prospective.

Ivan Provorov (84 OVR, Elite med POT)

The hotly anticipated Philadelphia Flyers prospect competed in his second full 82-game season in 2017/18 in which he went from six targets and 30 points in his rookie season to 17 targets and 41 points in his sophomore year. He throws his physique around the line within the form of checks and blocked shots, producing it look like he'll develop into among the league's premier two-way defensemen.

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