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Many Producers Are Shady When It Comes to Free Beats

Do not get distracted by the hype from the free downloads producers are giving out. However, there are still some honest producers out there that do give quality product for free, some producers are pulling the wool over our eyes. The thing is the posts every where for royalty free beats. Absolutely suit, could they be really free?

This is actually the aspect of these free downloads that producers are offering. They may be just what they are saying, free downloads. A lot of producers consider this approach to lure in more customers. Personally, i think its shady and kind of on the pointless side. Its like coming to the store and the lady supplying free food samples says "You holds it however you can't eat it". Its a complete waste of space in your hard drive and a waste of your time. One of the biggest websites that consider part on this annoying behavior is soundclick. Plenty of producers you can find luring within the customers, as well as gaining countless plays on their profile by setting up this false information.


Being a producer myself I believe that why? An amount be the reason for misleading the possibility customer to your site through puffery. The artist deserves a lot more than being treated like they always have the cost on the head. I always tell other producers concerning this, as well as their reaction is usually I'm fed up with giving out free beats.They're intention is most definitely noticed and slowly being a problem. Honest producers who do have quality product, which they just want some people to jump on are losing. Artists start never to trust when producers say that they've got free beats.

Not to say that anything in your life is totally free, but a lack of money can put a future artist in the strong bind that is hard to defeat. For generations the producer continues to be usually the one to find the artist out of that bind. We must always stand by our artist's side and become that rock they require. Without having us plenty of artists cannot be heard. It is very important, and vital that individuals commence to keep the independent movement. The revolution we call independent music cannot stand-alone. It needs artists, producers, a&r's everybody to acquire involved.

For the producers that are putting your pockets before your pride, shame you. For the artists that are fed up with the behaviour of a few of these producers hang on and be strong. I will be starting a new era of producers. Honest, talented, trustworthy producers for your world to work with. If you are looking to download some free beats, head to this site which is down the page. The beats are truly free.... regular lease is exactly what you receive when you download certainly one of my beats for free.
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