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so I went by using just the motors

That EASY way:
If you're smart and have more money, you can find a collection of wheelchair motors that are fitted with the wheels mounted for you to them.
The CHEAP approach:
I could not get any in my budget, so I went by using just the motors, then bought wheels, then sprockets. Believing it could not be strong plenty of to mount the wheels directly into the motors, I opted to mount the drive trolley wheels on an axle, then the motors into the frame, and use chain to transmit the power. automation-blog A picture is really worth 1000 words, so have a look at them carefully.
Mount the sprockets into the wheels:
I had to place the sprocket on the biggest market of the wheel and drill 3 holes in the sprocket and then in the wheel itself. Once that sprocket is lined up and properly centered, I placed the 3 bolts in the sprocket and wheel in addition to tightened them up whenever you can. I then welded the sprocket into the wheel hub to maintain it centered.
The wheels from Have Freight nema 23 stepper motor Tools have built in bearings for a 5/8″ base, hence the 5/8″ threaded-rod we can use as an axle.
Continue doing this for process for both trolley wheels.
There is more detailed info tagged in the pictures.

Step 4 That Frame part A
The difficult part to reveal. You will likely have to have some mechanical ability and a good set of tools to develop a large metal body from scratch. And since i thought this was a prototype, the dimensions usually are not all perfect, but luckily they don’t need to nema 23 stepper motor be.
The frame will be custom measured on your particular lawnmower, so I won’t be supplying you with exact measurements.
Tools required to build a frame:
calculating tape
ratchet set
a level
electric powered drill
bolts, nuts, washers, in addition to lock washers of also 3/8″ or 1/2″ diameter and 3/4″- 2″ extended
drill bits the size in the bolts you are utilizing
1″ and 2″ angle-iron (36″ longer pieces) you’ll need together
1″ square tubing (36″ pieces, steel)
1″ flat aluminum bar (36″ long pieces)
the 4 wheels you have from Harbor Freight Gear (2 drive wheels in addition to 2 caster wheels)
5/8″ threaded rod (36″ long) and lots of 5/8″ nuts/washers
First you'll want to plan out the frame of one's bot. Since I appeared to be attaching a lawnmower, I started by measuring the height the fact that lawnmower stood up and took some basic measurements to check out how big the frame required to be. My frame turned into about 24″ wide (this range must match the width from the biggest market of the rear lawnmower wheels) along with 48″ long (long enough for any front caster wheels that will swing 360 degrees without hitting entry of the mower deck) and about 18″ tall. Since we want the height in the mower-deck to be adaptable, we are going to attach the mower to this frame by removing this lawnmower wheels and implementing angle-iron to suspend the mower-deck with the frame of the bot.
1. I started out by using 2 of the 36″ bits of angle-iron (2″ wide) for any main part of the frame running long-ways.
A COUPLE OF. Cut the rear-piece of angle-iron the width in the rear of the mower (this dimension will be from the biggest market of the left-rear wheel to the biggest market of the right-rear wheel).
SEVERAL. Drill holes in the ends in the angle-iron and bolt the rear-piece into the adjacent pieces from 1, making sure they are straight.
4. Cut not one but two front-pieces using 1″ square steel tubing, the same length because the rear. We need 2 in the front to bolt that caster wheels stepper motor driver to.
5. Drill holes and bolt these 2 pieces into the front of the angle-iron from 1. You have to measure the holes in the 2 front caster wheel’s mounting plates and drill the pattern in to the front square tubing discos. Then bolt the trolley wheels through those holes onto entry of the frame.
I later added another couple of 2″ angle-iron bars into the front caster wheel assembly to make along the bot adjustable at the front end (see pics)
Now we ought to have a rectangular frame with all the front wheels attached.
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