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Parkinson’s disease and the Treatment Involved

For Parkinson’s Disease Treatment, there is no such specific test. Doctors diagnose by looking at the history of the medical reports of a patient. Doctors suggest a dopamine transporter (DAT) scan which helps to find out whether a patient suffers from Parkinson's disease or not. This is the neurologic examination which correctly determines the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Some of the other tests like blood tests etc. also required to determine the symptoms of this disease. The treatment and medication given by the doctor must be followed as they say as it also leads to the side effects of this disease.

Therapy for Parkinson’s disease

The patient can't be relieved from Parkinson's disease, but the doctor can aid a patient by their medications. In some of the cases, this disease can't be controlled by the medications then doctor advise them for the surgery. Doctors also give some therapies to do which can help to recover that disease rapidly and easily.

Medications for Parkinson’s disease


Levoda is a natural chemical which enters in the brain. After passing through your brain is converted into dopamine. Levoda will unite with Lodosyn. This combination of levodo and lodosyn protect the conversion of dopamine outside the brain. The side effects of the combination are nausea and lightheadedness. A higher dose of levodopa can lead to experience involuntary movements. To prevent a patient from these involuntary movements doctor will less the doses.

2.Carbidopa-levodopa infusion

The brand name medication of carbidopa and levodopa is duopa. The medication of carbidopa-levodopa infusion is given in the form of gel through the small intestine. Duopa is for the patients those are suffering from advanced Parkinson's disease.

3.Dopamine agonist

Dopamine agonist never changes into dopamine like levodopa. The dopamine effects are simulated into the brain. Levodopa is more effective than dopamine, but they prevent some of the symptoms and give long last effects. A dopamine agonist is the combination of Mirapex, Requip and Neupro, Apokyn.Apokyn is used to give the relief for the small time period and give quick relief. The side effects of dopamine agonist are as same as the carbidopa but dopamine has some additional side effects also which includes hallucinations, extra sleepiness. Some other side effects are hypersexuality, gambling and eating. A patient must consult a doctor if they are experiencing any of these effects in them.


The medication of anticholinergics for Parkinson's is used for many years. Anticholinergics include benztropine or trihexyphenidyl. The side effects of Anticholinergics are memory loss, confusion, dry mouth etc.


Amantadine is used as short-term relief from the Parkinson's disease. In the end stages of Parkinson's disease, the amantadine is given with the carbidopa-levodopa to prevent from involuntary movements.

Exercises to reduce Parkinson’s disease

Exercise helps to strengthen muscles and makes them flexible. Some of the exercises are walking, swimming, dancing, water aerobics etc.

Patient must take proper diet as given by their doctor. Proper diet may also prevent some of the diseases. If a person is experiencing symptoms like tiredness, extra sleepiness etc than they should visit the doctor for Parkinson’s Disease Treatment.
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