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Offshore Dedicated server web hosting

Offshore hosting industry has rapidly evolved from an irritating little brother to the majority of mainland hosting giants into the leading hosting vendor offering many small and average business projects that, by their nature, demand a higher a higher level privacy and details security than most mainstream providers will offer.

Projects like electronic money (e-currency) services, high-yield investment funds as well as other merchants in developing and the western world alike have always been deciding on offshore web hosting instead of a standard hosting solution. Others include purely informative websites that demand more freedom (e.g. political) for your sort of web contents they need to publish online.


Which offshore hosting prefer to choose?

The fast answer to this question could be "the one you'll be able to afford"... simultaneously there are several important considerations you need to remember.

From my experience, offshore shared and VPS (virtual server) solutions less difficult less stable and reliable than their mainstream hosting counterparts (like say, a shared consider a U.S. or U.K. server). The explanation for this is actually the nature with the websites themselves hosted on such servers.

Offshore anonymous shared plans usually attract a great deal of "fly-by-night" scammers who often abuse the servers in several ways and might induce a DDOS attack coming from a competitor or 3rd party suffering from their websites.

An offshore VPS over a dedicated IP can be a good choice but here again, "bad boys" may bring down MySQL, consume all RAM or CPU power and make all other intends on the server suffer. Additionally, overall slower network connections might make these complaints worse.

An offshore server is actually every means the best option. If your online business has enough potential to generate big money in monthly sales, why do you opt for a shared or VPS plan and risk losing your customers due to a likely downtime or slow connection speed? In those cases, offshore dedicated hosting is a better alternative which will give you peace of mind.
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