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Specific Sex Lubricant

Sex without wetness is pure torture while a properly lubricated sex is pleasant; unfortunately natural lubrication could elude you on account of emotional upset or biological alterations in your body. Even for well-rounded women without emotional hang-up, a chronic sexual activity could still bring about vaginal dryness.

Sex without adequate lubrication, particularly for women, may be uncomfortable and even painful; a Lesbian Sex Lube could make all the difference if the appropriate sex lubricant can be used specifically.


If your vaginal dryness is due to emotional trauma, then what you need to do is lively up yourself; our life is to become lived - how could you do without enjoyable sex?

If however, your dryness is biological, then you need to provide your vagina somewhat help with a sex lubricant you'll find both online and at your neighbourhood pharmacy.

An appropriate sex lubricant is really a saving grace for almost any woman that has lubrication problem; but sex lubricants have their own disadvantages:

Water sex lubricant:

This can be the favourite sex lubricant; it is very good and friendly to latex - diaphragm and condom. The down side would it be can run dry easily in ways that sexual activity gets interrupted every now and then to incorporate numerous water based sex lubricants.

Oil based sex lubricant:

This sex lubricant lasts longer during sex, but you should be careful, because oil based sex lubricants degrade latex and thus condoms or diaphragms become risky protectors against both unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. Your condom or diaphragm can provide away unexpectedly, and oil based sex lubricants may also cause irritation to the vagina

Finally, it is apparent to suggest that water sex lubricants ought to be used for vaginal sex while oil based sex lubricant ought to be favoured for anal sex.
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