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Saddle Pads - Choosing Whenever you Ride Western

Whenever you ride English, deciding on a wool saddle pads is reduced to the basic task of selecting a color. It's so easy. But western saddle pads really are a whole different story. You'll find orthopedic pads, pads with inserts, foam, wool felt, fleece, neoprene and more. Varying thicknesses and combination's of the various materials accustomed to make the pads only adds to the confusion. You hate to waste cash a high priced pad, here are a handful of easy methods to choose the best one.


When placing a saddle pad on your own horse and then taking a ride, the best thing that can happen is that you pull it off and the whole back is wet with sweat without any dry spots. This implies the pressure has been applied evenly and the sweat glands are increasingly being able to work effectively. Possibly dry spots, then those areas are getting too much pressure and in the end the tissue in those spots will die unless you correct the problem.

Utilize a thinner pad, and if it doesn't work you might need a new saddle.

Don't get worried though, in case your horse's spine is dry whenever you do the saddle pad after a ride. Therefore air was flowing across the gullet because it is meant to do. This is the way her back stays cool while you are working her out.

Before you purchase an expensive saddle pad, get a generic wool felt saddle blanket first. Those have been around for a long period for good reason. They work great almost all of the time if your saddle fits properly. Get the horse nice sweaty on a fast trail ride to see how he acts. If he doesn't seem to be uncomfortable with his fantastic back is entirely wet when you are done with no aspects of dryness, then that wool pad is enough.

A saddle pad can't ever produce a poorly-fitting saddle suits you, and that is where it gets confusing when attempting to choose a saddle pad. It can be designed to diffuse heat and make sweat away from your saddle therefore it last longer. That's all it had been meant to do, so if you find it is not "fixing" an issue, then the real option would be to get a better-fitting saddle.
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