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Streaming Video Simplified

With the internet came attempts to display video but little progress appeared due to the lack of technology and bandwidth. Technologies have overcome these problems with increased powerful computers, standard protocols and formats. More homes and computers with faster CPUs can access broadband and now we now start to see the growth of video on the internet.

Businesses and websites are steadily benefiting from this booming sector. Some sites experienced video with them considering that the technology was available, more sites are checking out video and its particular advantages daily even though some sites may not understand the technology and like to be with the written word. Having said that now it is so simple to include video into websites that there are no real reason never to.

With true streaming video the conclusion user will start watching the file almost as soon because it begins downloading. The file is shipped for the user within a, approximately, constant stream, and also the user watches it it arrives. The obvious advantage with this particular way is that no waiting is involved. Online video clips has additional advantages for example being able to broadcast live events and sometimes known as webcast or netcast. True streaming video must be delivered from the specialized streaming server. This type of streaming HD is not used by most websites.


Progressive downloading, basically similar to HTTP streaming, enables the video to be considered soon as a part of the file has become received. This simulates true streaming video but isn't nearly as good but has the advantage of having the capacity to be hosted on a normal server. This is the simplest and cheapest method to stream video from your website. Small to medium-sized websites may use this method as opposed to more costly streaming servers. Just for this method its not necessary any special kind of website or host, simply a host server which recognizes common video file types.

Progressive download video is downloaded from a to z, typically delivering the entire video file with a temporary file area of the viewer's computer. After a couple of seconds of downloading, the video starts playing. For that reason, most viewers can't tell whether they're seeing progressive or streaming video. More often than not, the download go faster than the playback, hence the media player will be effective in keeping up. If your internet connection is slow or suffers traffic congestion, then this player pauses until it yet again features a few seconds of video ready to play.

To make a progressive or HTTP streaming video all you could do may be the following.

1. Develop a video file within a common videos online format

2. Upload the file on your web server

3. Produce a simple hyperlink for the video file, or use special HTML tags to embed it in the web page or blog post.

Once the day comes that your particular videos are popular then you might have bandwidth issues with your hosting provider and you might must upgrade or proceed to some other host and server. Hopefully that day will soon exist.
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