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How it Works
Runners who wear shoes run very differently to those who gobarefoot. It聮s all to do with the padding in the running shoes [url=]Cheap Nyheim Hines Jersey[/url] , and how theyhold the foot; they cushion it as it strikes the ground, thus changing thelevel[img][/img] of force travelling up through the legs and into the hips, as well aschanging the runners gait.

Studies in children have shown that when they wear shoes,their gait is significantly different to when they don聮t. Children wearingshoes were found to be walking faster, taking longer steps with increasedmotion of the knee and ankle. Shoes also lead to a heel striking motion whenrunning. Other research has shown that developing countries 聳 where many walkand run barefoot 聳 experience far lower rates of injuries to the bones andconnective tissues in the legs 聳 injuries commonly seen amongst shod runners inthe developed world.

Running barefoot encourages the foot to develop a morenatural running motion, where the runner lands on the ball of their foot [url=]Cheap Tyquan Lewis Jersey[/url] ,rather than the heel, and also leads to smaller strides and gentler landings.

Runners are recommended to keep their foot nearly horizontalas the ball of their foot strikes the ground, and then to gradually lower theheel to the ground. Landings should feel comfortable, soft and with some bouncein them.

What to Watch Out For

Of course, there are reasons why runners like to wear trainers.Urban areas pose potential risks such as broken glass, sharp pieces of rubbish [url=]Cheap Kemoko Turay Jersey[/url] ,and abrasive pavement surfaces. A more natural setting is still nevercompletely safe, with rocks and stones, twigs, or sharp objects hidden beneaththe thick grass. Minimalist shoes like Vivo wear designed to protect you fromthese urban environments while allowing you to continue the practice ofbarefoot running.聽

For inexperienced barefoot runners there is also the risk ofspraining muscles which aren聮t used to being used so much. A common complaintfrom barefoot beginners is painful calf muscles, as running without shoesincreases calf muscle activity. The arch of the foot is also likely to beinitially tight from a lifetime of donning footwear.

So, is it Safe?

When done correctly [url=]Cheap Braden Smith Jersey[/url] , barefoot runningcan be a joy and a real health benefit. But it聮s important for a beginner to dotheir research into how to avoid painful injuries, and to know that whilstnatural barefoot runners experience less running-related injuries, that theyhave instead spent a lifetime wearing shoes, meaning they must begin by takingthings slowly and building up gradually. Seasoned runners must allow themselvesto start from scratch again, learning an entirely new way of running. Trainingand activating unused foot muscles is also beneficial, and will help preventthe risk of sprains later on.

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