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Three Decorating Guidelines When Decorating With Coastal Themed Accent Pillows

Accent pillows come in many different unique colors, fabrics, and bold graphic prints. You may select from many different coastal designs. Accent pillows are a simple and cheap way to bring seaside decor into your home. However, simply since they're simple and inexpensive doesn't mean that every cushion will go with an established look. When decorating with accent cushions, there are 3 principles to know that will help supply you with the shore stylish home decor of your dreams.

1. Have a Plan
It is important that before you start purchasing any accent pillows that you want for your overall coastal decorating strategy. Study your existing furniture, is it shore themed furniture? Have you got any wall art? What about the colours or patterns onto your current sofa and chairs? What are they like?

As soon as you've determined what you've got, next determine what matches and contrasts with it. Most often you're looking for a comparison rather than something which blends in. For example, if your sofa is a light shade or has a delicate pattern, then you may choose to go with a earthy colored accent pillow that has a single daring graphic done in a effective color, like a red crab for example.
2. Odds are Better than Evens

The second rule for seaside decorating with accent pillows is that odds are somewhat more often greater than evens. Specifically, if you are looking to place accent pillows on the couch or couch, then you may want to consider 5: Two big accents pillows, two medium ones, and one small one.

The smallest pillow should be the most distinct pillow, with the most fascinating texture or the boldest graphic. You need something that will set it apart from another pillows and draw attention to it. Even though Tapestry Pillows , it'll make a large statement.
The set of big pillows in this example should be the most dimmed. This can be achieved with color or with a nice delicate pattern, like little white seahorses on a blue background for instance.

The medium pair of pillows should comparison with the big pillows, but still match them. For instance, if the big pillows have little graphics (like the seahorses mentioned above), then the same picture, just bigger, would work for the moderate cushions. Like a single large seahorse against a blue background.

You do not need to rely strictly on colour or pattern alone to create this comparison; it can also be accomplished using identifying fabrics like burlap, silk or cotton.

3. KISS- Keep that It Seriously Simple

Most importantly, the number one principle in stylish home decorating with beachfront decoration is to keep it simple. We have already mentioned that you don't wish to have over five pillows on any sofa or couch. Loveseats should have 5 or 3 cushions, while large chairs or recliners will look good with as much as three. A basic chair ought to have one cushion. While all pillows should be somewhat similar and complimentary to one another, they shouldn't necessarily be the same pillow.



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