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This live mode by itself is new enough to create - a craze ... quite deserved otherwise, although some scenes are a bit "kitch". Just to the editorial team, everyone is massed around me when I started my first parts, to see if it "worked" or not. And it works very well: we take the game and, despite the concentration necessary on the notes, we always look at the girls in fury of the first row, the inscriptions on the placards further, etc. In short, we have fun to take for a rock star.
The live mode offers two different festivals, for a total of 13 concerts and 42 songs to play in these conditions. These 42 tracks are the playlist of the game, the one you can play at will as many times as you like and without having to make extra expenses. It's a bit light as a number - Rock Band 4 has 65 for the comparison - but all the songs are well chosen, in the sense that they are eclectic while offering a lot of popular and known titles, or "mainstream" as you want. Not to mention the fact that in addition to these titles free access a huge and scalable list of songs in the other main mode, the mode "TV" ... which should make talk about him a little more mitigated.
MTV playable version
After the excellent live mode, the TV mode is the place where you will spend most of your time. This is where the rest of the music is, you'll gain levels, customize your guitar, participate in special events, and so on. In short, it is the heart of the reactor and here is how it works ... Two "channels" constantly broadcast, at all hours of the day and night, music. The program, shown in advance, reveals you in half-hour increments what you're entitled to: hard-rock on one, pop hits on the 2000's on both, and so on. You then take one of these current streams and play each of the songs, which offer this time in the background the official clips. In other words,
At the launch of the game, 200 additional titles will constantly turn in the programs of these two channels Guitar Hero TV. What is interesting is that this list will be constantly updated by Activision and Freestyle Games, and other titles will gradually get bigger. We "consume" this mode as the famous music channel, by listening (and playing) what is proposed to us, which can also be drunk (when you do not like the song - but you can then change channels ) That is finally quite interesting (when you discover nice tracks that we did not know). It depends.
The flow or rental!
But then, you will say, what happens when you want to play the title of your choice among this impressive list of more than 200 songs? Well that's where comes into play the specific economic system of Guitar Hero Live, and that should certainly divide the crowds. For if playing the songs of the two streams is perfectly free, it will be necessary to pay each access chosen to the playlist of a "token". And these tokens, you will have to buy them, whether with the in-game currency (that is won by the songs and according to the score, or in everyday exponential rewards) or - and then you see me coming to Kilometers -
Turretz Hack
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