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Ways of Cold Treatment

Do you know a good deal about the types of cold treatment? The affusion with cold water and becoming the iceman. That's probably everything that immediately comes up. But actually you'll find far more techniques of cold treatment of a living thing.

Well, in the first place, of course, there is the water therapy, which, incidentally, includes sauna! Aside from the affusion you can name also rubdowns with cool water. Next is the aerotherapeutics. This is tempering from the body with all the air. Things are quite easy: air-baths. The heliotherapy is tempering with the sun. It is essential this is to not overdo. The sun-baths may be both very useful and intensely unhealthy for a person's body. Along with the simplest technique of tempering is walking barefoot.


The rubdown is easily the most attenuated procedure, which can be recommended for the start the cold treatment procedures. The rubdown is both suitable for small children as well as old people. It is finished using a stiff sponge. The first few days the lake temperature ought to be equal to thirty-five degrees. That needs to be reduced to fifteen degrees. Perform the procedure actively and vigorously.

Start the affusion for adults through the water of thirty-three degrees. In case you have decided to have a lifetime of foot baths, the river temperatures are taken two degrees colder. Gradually, water temperature to the affusion reduces to fifteen degrees. The habituation towards the procedure walks you of a week. Then you will start feeling a true pleasure as a result.

The contrast shower is completed as described below. At first, the river temperature must be beloved for you. Then you enhance the temperature on the maximum feasible for you for around one minute. And then shut off the recent water and are a symbol of about twenty seconds underneath the cold water. Next again, turn one of the most trouble not for too long, your body is deserving of warm and immediately let down the new water and indicate 60 seconds or so underneath the cold water. Repeat the very last round twice.

At the first week do only one contrasting procedure, gradually reaching the number described above. The contrast shower should be done at least every day, though the best - each day along with the night time.

Walking barefoot does not mean walking home on the thick carpets, but walking on the ground. If you have a park with green grass beside your property, take off your shoes and socks and walk barefoot on the ground. You'll see - you actually much like the new feeling. If starting in summer time usually do not finish them with the autumn. Thus you will gradually prepare for walking barefoot about the snow. This is an unusual pleasure. Usually do not wash you with hot water after that procedure, only with cold one. If your frost is incredibly strong, don't stand at one place, jog or walk if you want. The durance of procedure should be for around 5 minutes. Otherwise, no bring the desired effect.
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