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Reliable SEO Backlink Service

* Mature and stable SEO backlinks from international Wikipedia article topic sites
* Topic related trust links from along with other int. High PR Sites
* Categories for example Sports, Entertainment or similar keywords. 


From international SEO experts view Wikipedia enjoys a unique position in the Search results. A topic-relevant backlink from Wikipediagives enormous power and may enhance Domain Authority while increasing Google rankings. 
Why a backlink from Wikipedia gold value is: 
1. Extremely rare and very hard to get New Backlinks on Wikipedia are almost impossible. Nearly all new entries is going to be deleted immediately. Endless Discussions with members of changes often ends after months and years unsuccessfully. 
2. Premium SEO Backlink from world champion online ranking Wikipedia is evaluated by Google elevated. To just about preferred search phrases Wikipedia looks like it's the most used online encyclopedia on the globe at the top of the SERPs - often at Number one! 
3. Good Neighbourhood and authority within the Wikipedia directory There is the most popular people companies in the world. A Wikipedia backlink can be a stable long-term, meaningful and trustworthy character for each and every site. 
Why Wikipedia enjoys a higher status inside the Search engine results 
* Wikipedia is number #7 of the most visited sites in Germany 
* Wikipedia may be the world's number #6 of the very most visited pages 
* The Google PageRank of Wikipedia is currently #9
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