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A Quick Look at One of Hawaii's Most Famous Cultural Exports

Hawaii has a unique culture of its own, and one that appeals to people all over the world. While there are many highly recognizable symbols of the state to be found, the hawaiian shirt is one of the most potent of all. Wearing a short-sleeved, button-down shirt with a bold tropical print is one way of bringing the spirit of aloha just about anywhere. With a huge variety of men's hawaiian shirts on the market to choose from, finding one appropriate for almost any occasion has never been easier.

A Special Type of Shirt with an Interesting History

The garments that natives today generally call "aloha shirts" were first produced starting toward the beginning of the twentieth century. By the time the effects of the Great Depression started to be felt in the Hawaiian Islands, a number of manufacturers there were turning out their own riffs on the basic idea.

In the years in between, this style of shirt had already become entrenched in Hawaiian culture, appealing instantly to a great many men and those who were interested in men's fashion. Companies like Kahala put down their own roots around this time, quickly becoming known far and wide as the popularity of the aloha shirt began to spread.

Casual and Comfortable but Sharp and Dignified, as Well

Throughout much of the world today, Hawaiian-style shirts are thought of as inherently informal types of clothing. In many or most places, wearing them is reserved for occasions where other types of casual wear would not be out of place.

In Hawaii itself, on the other hand, a generally more relaxed set of dress codes combines with a special appreciation for this type of shirt to make it more widely acceptable. In quite hawaiian dress where fashion rules on the mainland would prohibit the wearing of such shirts, they are entirely at home in Hawaii.

Even so, those wish to enjoy the comfort and style of this type of shirt always do well to make sure to wear a particularly appropriate one to any event. While an older, threadbare aloha shirt might be just fine for lounging around at home or at the beach, wearing a much nicer and better made one to a business meeting or dinner will inevitably be sensible.

As a result, makers of higher end apparel do a brisk business in garments made just for such occasions. Many prominent Hawaiians boast large collections of Kahala shirts or output from similarly well regarded designers. While it is capable of impressive versatility, the aloha shirt always comes off best when treated with respect.
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